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About Us WJUC 107.3 FM RADIO



My name is Debra Hogan, President of Fleming Street Communication Inc, WJUC radio station in Toledo, Ohio. As new ownership, I am truly excited about the years ahead and looking forward to serving our community. As Toledo’s “Homegrown” station, WJUC has always been a voice for the community, which is why my father started this station in 1997. He made history by becoming the first African American in the region to build, own, and operate a radio station. 

With my mother by his side, they went through ten rough years of litigations that included denials and appeals. Not giving up on his dream, his vision for WJUC was to create a platform that would give the African American community a voice. His responsibility has always been to serve the community and to provide opportunity to those who also want to be part of serving. My father has been a servant on behalf of the radio station and other community entities.  

My father retired from broadcasting 6 years ago. He was confident that we (his children), had learned enough over the past 23 years to maintain and nurture his legacy. Throughout the years, we have experienced the blood, sweat, and tears that kept WJUC going. So, we know first-hand what WJUC means to my father and our community. We believe it is our duty to continue to be a community voice and further strengthen our community.  

We have kept our promise for 23 years by providing our listeners with quality programing that is informative, resourceful, educational, and entertaining. Now, as Fleming Street Communication Inc, we are building upon the foundation that my father has given us. His mission coupled with the vision of the new generation of ownership will make WJUC and the community stronger than ever.  

It is our duty to make sure our listeners are not only informed but understand what is happening both locally and globally. We Connect to Community! Our listenership and community know we are here for them and count on us. If there is an event happening, they turn to us for details. When there is a concern in the community, they reach out to us to follow up. If someone is in need, our community expects us to step up to the plate.  

Since Fleming Street Communication Inc. Took over 4 years ago, we have worked diligently on a plan that focuses on community, local businesses, and WJUC thriving as a business. We are Striving to Serve and Committed to Caring!  



Debra Hogan  



"There are 4 kinds of people in the world...Those who have been Caregivers, Those who are currently Caregivers, Those who will be Caregivers and Those who will need Caregivers,"

Former First Lady, Rosalynn Carter

Our Mission

Caregivers are everywhere! The impact on this silent, unpaid army of caregivers is immense. Many are devoting more than 20 hours per week to the care of their loved ones. Trying to manage work and family alongside caring for a loved one, it's no wonder that nearly half of these caregivers admit to feeling stressed and burned out.

The Caring for the Caregiver Expo believes in giving back to the community!  As part of our support for the Caregivers in our community “The Caring for the Caregiver Expo” is a One Day Event to say thank you and provide pampering, health and fitness, education, information, career and employment opportunities and much more to caregivers across Central Ohio, across our great state and our nation!

Our Host


The Ohio Sickle Cell and Health Association, Inc. serves as Ohio’s statewide family support organization, working full time to resolve issues surrounding sickle cell disease and trait. Since the 1960’s our organization and partners have been at the forefront of improving the quality of health, life and services for individuals, families, and communities affected by sickle cell and related conditions. Along with other programs nationwide, we are promoting the search for a cure for all people in the world with sickle cell disease. OSCHA is a 501(c) (3) organization.

We Need Your Support Today!

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